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    Welcome to Gilbert Salazar’s Photography Blog!

    As you browse through my blog you will notice I love taking pictures. My camera is my next best friend. I love to do many things with my family or friends snap up some shots and have fun memories. My camera goes with me everywhere. I don’t leave home without it, if I do I feel as though I am missing something. My style is a photo- journalistic non studio style of photography. I like on location photography and photograph what this world has to offer, which is the surroundings and the people that occupy it. I always try to capture unique shots and moments in a artistic or creative way. My goal is to capture the best and most memorable moments that life has to offer, whether its from small family pictures to large wedding shots, I want to do it all. Photography for some is just pictures, but for me its more than that. It’s an art, it’s a passion, and most of all it’s what makes me happy. So take a look at my work, feel free to leave comments if you wish, and if you would like to contact me just click the contact tab above and shoot me an email.